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Express Appliance Repair of Mesquite

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We fix washers in Mesquite 7 days a week

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(972) 694-7061

We fix washers in Mesquite 7 days a week

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(972) 694-7061

We fix washers in Mesquite 7 days a week

Washer Repair in Mesquite TX - (972) 694-7061

Typically when your washing machine lets go you need to hire a professional for your washer repair in Mesquite TX.

Failing to do so could end up costing you a lot in the way of replacement washer parts. Our Mesquite washer repair service has operated within the Mesquite TX area providing successful appliance repairs for many years.

When it comes to dealing with your defective washing machine, we stop at nothing to ensure it gets fixed quickly and affordably. Inquire with us to find out just how soon we can have a repair tech out for your washer repair in Mesquite TX. From the moment we talk over the phone, we will work to find out what exactly is wrong with your washing machine.

We also make sure to send our technicians out in vehicles packed with common washer parts for fast and simple replacement purposes. Meanwhile, we can get washer parts in Mesquite TX from many providers and sometimes at steep discounts, which we give to you. Further, what sets us apart is the fact that we offer the most affordable service you will find in Mesquite TX.

We can say this confidently because we charge for nothing more than the cost of the washer parts we have to use or buy, and the labor service we provide. For every washer repair in Mesquite TX we take on, we ensure that quotes are also fairly given. To do this, we rely on what’s found in the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide when estimating washer repair costs.

Give us a quick call and explain what’s going on with your washing machine, then let us know when you are available to have a technician come take a look. We will be more than happy to help getting your washer back to perfect working order.


Mesquite washer repair service

Top washer brands we service

  • Bosch Washer Repair
  • Electrolux Washer Repair
  • Hotpoint Washer Repair
  • Haier Washer Repair
  • Samsung Washer Repair
  • Frigidaire Washer Repair
  • Magic Chef Washer Repair
  • LG Washer Repair
  • Amana Washer Repair
  • Asko Washer Repair
  • Whirlpool Washer Repair
  • Kenmore Washer Repair
  • GE Monogram Washer Repair
  • GE Washer Repair
  • Maytag Washer Repair

Express Appliance Repair of Mesquite in Mesquite TX tip

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Is your Samsung washing machine giving you a DC error code during the spin cycle? This code refers to an ’unbalanced load’ which means there is either too little or too much in the washer tub. Try sorting your laundry better inside the washing machine tub to prevent this from happening again. If it continues to happen, you might need to put in a new hall sensor. The hall sensor costs $1 or less and is easy to replace on your own. If you are uncertain, it’s a fast job from a repair tech and won’t cost much.


Express Appliance Repair of Mesquite

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